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New Best Friend

New TT bike and refined position for Christmas

These shoes are made for dancing...

New Road Machine: GrAce pErfORmance and pleaSUre on wheels

Happy as a Clam: Breaking New Ground, Enjoying Three Perspectives & Exploring Ways Forward

Track Test: How low can we go?

Happy Feet

Flickr Slide: Just worked out how to embed the photo's here

Repeated Efforts: Track Training

Learning Cycle

No more BBQ like this...

Tour of Bright: Another Step

Some times things are just a drag...

Morning Questions

Eureka Climb

Getting the message right

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

Oceania: A cold, windy and wild adventure for a newbie time trialist. It’s another moment of truth...

Ginn Not Overplaying Oceania Success |

In the Lab on the Malvern Star

Back Home & Feeling Humble

Ex-rower Ginn wins cycling time trialSports news - Yahoo!Xtra Sport

Oceania Update

The Time Has Come

Video: Time Trial Training

TT Training Continues: The Mental Challange

Warny Bike Race: A few photo's

Time Trial Training: Rhythm

Another perspective on the Warny: Wade Wallace's Cycling Tips Blog

Pre Race Article: The Standard Article


Taking on a new challenge

Around the Bay in a Day� - Drew Ginn

Connection: Significance & Help

It's a bit windy in here: Update

North Road Ride

First Track Session

Gotta love what some do on a bike...

Stats Like Never Before: Hans Rosling

Development Tools


Water: Why would we want bad decisions made about our future?

Next Stage: Innovations

point of difference


New Bike Shop

What's on the RADAR

Been busy...

Rowers Riding: Why?

Take the Pledge...

Riding Waves

Seems it may be less genetic, less desire and more about when we are born...

Get Real On Climate Change