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Training Update: Week on again and off again

Team Podium Bike Hub

This mornings Ride

Ahhhh the inspiration...


Tired Legs

Ride Wed group by rudderfish at Garmin Connect - Details

Recent 6k Ergo: Post ergo video training diary

Here's an example fo where/how the GOALFISH model came to be...

Row Melb Head Race by rudderfish at Garmin Connect - Details

GOALFISH Guidebook

Reading the Signs

Cycling Lab Test

Old Man Time

Part 2 Boat Race: NZ v Aust

Training Update: Lab Test on Rowing Machine

AUS Vs NZ - The Great Race 05_Part1

Time Effective Training Solution: Session on Rollers 20min

Love these times with the kids...

roo's Activities | RunKeeper

Check out my HipstaPrint

Check out my HipstaPrint

Check out my HipstaPrint

Found this little flashback on You Tube

Check In & Interest in Worlds

Flash Back: 1996 Oarsome Foursome

This is cool... First of a few documents (1990-92 Oarsome Foursome)


Training Update: This mornings ride and recent activities

Training Update: Staying positive


Energy Impact Group new office...

What's Up with U?

Words & Meaning

This made me laugh.

Response to previous post... Free Flow >>

Beyond the pointing finger...

Reality, Moving & Inspiring

Back from Sumba - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: James Cracknell recovered after horror crash

Wordle Cloud: rudderfish

More testing times ahead...

The Sport of Camel Jumping

Athleticism in pure form....

Video: Looking Back

Rowing Ergo Test - Ahhhhhhhh well...It's a long way back to top form.

Training Update: 3 fwd, 2 bck

The Journey Has 'No Name'

Personal Map


WOW Is this a fools ambition?

OK Team here we go...