Cycling Lab Test

Last week was a big week in the step towards full training and ability to recover. I have played around with keeping a video diary from that start of the week I did this testing. Will put it together at some stage as it might be interesting to hear first hand after training sessions and tests just how I was feeling. It valuable for me to have anyway as I will use it to look back down the track to remind myself of the journey.

As for the last test in the week I did the cycling test again. Pretty happy to say it was a PB. Got through the 500w step and started the 550w this time and got about 20sec into before pulling the pin. The challenge for me is to see if I can get 1 or 2min completed of the 550w step. It would be great long term to get through the 550w step. It ends up being a heap of work once the 400w, 450w and 500w steps are done its 15min with av 450w but no relief from the demand. Hence I have found it is very much a mental game to be ready to keep very committed and focused. Both times now I have done 500w it is the last 2min which puts you in the zone. Before that it is very solid but after 3min at 500w it just starts to become very intense and the depth of fatigue and consuming sense of effort is very surreal. So anyway here is the lab test report.


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