Time Effective Training Solution: Session on Rollers 20min

This session is something I am a fan of. relatively short, with 20min start to finish. It requires getting straight into it which feels uncomfortable for the first 3-5min but after that it's great focusing on only the 20min period. I working on getting an average heart rate around 150-160bpm or 80% plus of max heart rate. When I have more time I will do 2 of these and some times 3, but even just the one done well has great benefit. At least I can see improvements in my conditioning via lab test so I believe these are fantastic time effective training solution(TETS) sessions. Have a heap of these which I can fit in around work and family time.

Obviously I have a new little device to capture data on my training session. The Garmin 500 cycling computer seems a great little bit of equipment. I plan to use it on my bike and in the boat. Just so I have most session captured in some way.


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