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End of 2007 ride...

Different Pathways

Recent Interview with Last Stroke

Knocked Off

Trials Update

Off 2 Trials

Journey Podcast: On the Road

Back in the bOat

Energetic Stop Signs, Reminders & Realisations: Part 2

Full Capacity: What's does it mean?

Energetic Stop Signs, Reminders & Realisations: Part 1

Current Training

What's in a race plan?

Sink or Swim

Alcoa Australia Unitedway Corporate Head Of The River

Glacier Surfing Alaska

The dynamic world of throwing rowing

New Season, Pain In The Neck

Yung Yung School of Gun's

A cold wind chills, but hot coffe awaits.

What's in a word, or a sentence or two?

Australian Pair

Blisters & Sore Muscles

Procrastinating Drama

Luzern 2007 rowing world cup moments

Here we go again>>


Pair Final

Photo's From Final: by Nick Garratt

The wash up from the Worlds.

What Just Happened?

Semi Finals Completed & Finals Approach

Heats Done

When the talking stops…

Game On, Munich

Settling In, Munich

Ready to Go, Italy

Preparing to race, pieces of the puzzle come together

Recent Photo's in Italy

What a wonderful world…

Best gelati in the World & a perfect way to prepare