Here we go again>>

It's a few weeks since the Worlds and I figure that there are a few things been happening. Planning has begun and their is a strange sense of urgency among the few athletes I have seen since being back. When does the build up really begin? Well I figure between now and Christmas we lay the foundation for our selection trials. After that if all goes well we will go back into setting up a platform from which we will aim to spring from for the international season.

The weird situation is that when I fist arrived home I started to get an itch. An itch to get active again, but after a week and a half I didn't really feel like doing any activity. At times I have had guilt about getting back into things sooner, but know that it is important to rest and recharge. What I have found has been that I have had many great conversations about the process, preparation and performance in Munich. Personally the satisfaction I felt at the end reflected the joy of being able to create a performance we had practiced and imagined.

We haven't really begun full training yet but what we have begun to do is discuss our needs and expectations going forward. Right now the only thing I know is that I have to start training, make sure I keep my consulting business running and enjoy spending time with my family. As for what's involved for us going forward in relation to selection and competitions can be know by watching the Rumsfeld clip below.

See what you can make of that and we will keep our heads down and stay focused on what matters to us.


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