Blisters & Sore Muscles

This is very strange considering only a few weeks ago I was feeling some what invincible. Well I have gone back to square one and it ain't pretty, certainly isn't comfortable and I can say that I have been reminded of an inconvenient truth that is what it is like for anyone getting back into rowing. What I can say here is that I will be patient and ease into things. Yesterday instead of sitting in the shed I decided to head down to the river and have a row with fellow Mercantilian, Michael Young. Or as most of us know him down the river, Yung Yung who is the central figure and inspiration for the Yung Yung School of Gun's. Early in this new campaign I will be working closely with him to increase the size of my biceps to assist me in keeping the boat straight while sitting behind Duncan. It has been promised to me that after only 6 weeks I will be able to pull a beer, maybe my socks up, and even it was suggested that I might just be able to pull a skin off custard. I was assured though that if I work at it by Beijing if I work hard and stick to the program and listen to all the advice I may, just may be able to hang onto Duncan and ride his coat tails across the line again. It all seem like a pretty fair assessment and plan to help me be the best little bow person that I can. So I have a few new blisters and I am very sore across my shoulders. Yung Yung was heard complaining about my technique in the scull so it sounds like I have some work to do to come up to his extremely high standards. It wasn't inconvenient to be provided with this great feedback and future direction. The hands will toughen up and muscles will adapt but my ego may take longer to recover being asking to look in the mirror room to realise my arms are noting like what they need to be or could be.


Anonymous said…
Hi Drew

What exercises is Yung Yung going to get you doing for increased bicep strength?

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