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Wish you were here

Update: Before after and continued change

Busy Boy or Bee: What ever you see...

1994 Worlds Pair

Rowing 1993 Pair

Italy Retrospective

What happened to Dad's back?

Possibly Better Than Ever...

On the other side...

Back home after surgery

Way Home

My Inspiration: Kyra & Jasper

The fireworks mark the occasion that the end is near.

Interview: Drew Ginn and Duncan Free

The finish: Relief

ABC Interview with Duncan and I morning after final

Connection: Finding, Testing and Realising Together

Very happy boys

How ever you get the job done

On the way to the final


What $105 get you in China

Relief & Excitement

The games are about to begin

What's the bet?

Beginning to adjust

Chris and view down the course

Australian Boat Bay

Off to training

Arriving at regatta center

Beijing: Update 1

Waiting Game

Here we go...

How many people does it take to de-rig a boat?

Blue sky brighten up my day

Over the top and under...

How we travel

Happy Times

hanging in there...

Coming up for Air

Make of this what you will...

Gold Coast Camp: Video

Stuff Me

Coaches & Coaching: The Art Form

Back on the Coast

What's in a thought?

Picking up the pieces and enjoying the crumbs

Someone somewhere always has it more difficult

Photo's of Beijing Trip two months ago.


Out Classed

Rotsee Photo's

What do we really know anyway?

Sunny Switzerland