Over the top and under...

Well time ticks by. With each day we near our moment of truth. Today
has been a good day and tomorrow we rest. We are getting closer to our
time when only our best will do.

What's our best?

Ah that there is secret that will have to wait to be told. No not
really but what I do know is that we have done all that we have been
able to think of and do to prepare. Simply there will me no excuses.


Gavin said…

Are you thinking abut who might be in the final with you and what they might do or are you just going to row your own race and let them worry about you.

best regards

Anonymous said…
Look, Drew, I only need to know one thing: should I be betting my hard-earned on you and Duncs?

You're at 2.30 at the moment on Centrebet... not as good as the 3.50 I got last time!
Anonymous said…
You have been a huge inspiration to both me and my crew over the past 12 months... I hope that you achieve all that you wish to achieve in Beijing and live every moment of it.

All the best, and thank you for your posts

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