Coming up for Air

Can't be sure but I think that we have pretty much smashed our selves with the clear purpose of being fully prepared to race the perfect race. No stones have been left unturned. We have pushed ourselves more than ever before and have enjoyed the challenges. I haven't posted for some time, but today thought I should come up for some air and write a little about where we have been. It feels like we have at times taken ourselves to the edge and peered over to find only another step that we have been able to take. At times it has felt like we have been starved of air. Like what it must feel for those who venture to the highest peaks in the world. At times it has felt like we are being crushed by the intensity and fatigue of a range of workload that have made our guts churn. This might be what it feels like when a diver descends to the greatest deeps of ocean exploration. The loads have been immense to the point that we have just sat there shaking our heads in the boat after taking another plunge. I have spent some time reflecting to try and recall a time when I have felt so compelled and challenged. If this is not the most then it surely goes close to the most solid period of training I have ever experienced. Today I come up for air to share this, but within the next hour I will be back in the thick of it. The only way I am getting through this is with the support of my family. While these states I have been grumpy, frustrated and tired. They have been understanding, accepting and supportive. They have been my life line when the challenges have taken us to the ends of the physical spectrum.


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