Back home after surgery

Thank my wife for this photo. Some may or may not be aware of what has
happened. Last thur I went into hospital after two days of pain. Not
the easiest moments and on fri the doctor operated on my reptured
disc. It's a long story and one I may write a little about. For now I
have 6 weeks of rehabilitation before I can even be close to living
normally. It's great to be home even if in a limited capacity. It was
not part of the plan, but it is the reality of the situation. I am
feeling reasonably positive although the toughest thing is not being
able to fully enjoy this time with my family. Pretty embarrassing
being wheeled into your own house on a stretcher too.


Anonymous said…
Hi Drew,
Just wanted to say good luck with your recovery! Last year I rowed in my grade 12 Head of the River with a herniated disc (well there was no way I wasn't going to row that race) and had subsequent surgery. I know how hard rehab is when doing something as simple as rolling over hurts so much (especially when you reflect on the fact you used to be able to row in races and that now seems so alien) but stay positive because you will get there. Reading your blog helped me immensely through my recovery so I wish you the best of luck with yours!
petemartin said…
Hey Drew,

Gutted to hear your news. I went to the Olympics with friends. We saw all the rowing and even met your buddy Free at the Holland Heineken House whilst celebrating the Gold. All the best in your recovery. Hope the Gold Medal helps ease the pain!

Anonymous said…
Drew.....Maybe you just need to 'Harden Up' like your mate Duncan Free!!! Lucky he was in the boat. It that why he kept pulling it around to bowside in the final?
C'mon Drew, show me some of that Gold Medal toughness!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Drew,

I was there with Belinda cheering you guys to victory. I must say you showed incredible courage to row in the semi and the finals. Much prayer went up, but without your determination even God may not have helped you to the finish line. We continue to pray for a speedy and TOTAL recoavery. Eugene
Anonymous said…
There are a lot of us who have been there and you have helped a lot of us get through. One thing you do know is that the pain will only last a limited period of time, giving up lasts forever. Your words (ex Lance Armstrong)... Set hourly or daily goals and you will get there. Keep writing because we are all listening... its our turn to help you. Catherine
alphafoobar said…
I hope you make a full and quick recovery!

London is 4 years away and it would be Oarsome to see you guys compete!
Anonymous said…
I hope you have a speedy recovery & enjoy the recovery with your family.

Anonymous said…
Hi Drew
I've been reading your blog with interest and wish you the best of luck with your recover and rehabilitation.
As someone who has also recently undergone a L 4/5 disectomy, I can relate to some of what you are going through.
Best of luck

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