Busy Boy or Bee: What ever you see...

Obviously to much time on my hands. The videos I have been posting are all part of the way I have tried to learn. I share this because it is important to understand that there are many ways to develop, and many elements to what contributes to our development. Being a student is critical, or at least from the perspective I have taken. Absorbing and growing understanding from watching races has been something I have used. Asking plenty of questions and listening to many stories is all part of the process. Along with observing, exploring, discussing and effectively working out how to transfer the information and turn it into a possibility.

Many hands make light work and being busy, active when others sleep can often be the difference between realising the dream of being the best you can. So the last few days I have been busy getting these video's online to show them and share there influencing power. History repeats and as such once you get your head around the way things can play out, it becomes slightly easier to transfer. From a connection perspective it really is about getting a grip on the situation and making it work for you. Being busy is of little point if it can not be turned into something effective.

The time has come to give consideration to this activity of keeping a blog. I am in mixed mind about how far I take it and the reason why. Until I decide I will work to round the last three years experience off in a way that makes it complete. That may sound weird, but sharing a few of the things that I feel made a significant difference would close the circle.

Three words here come to mind, adversity, transition and Peak and they seem to hold a certain meaning at this stage then your with me, but no matter if they don't because they are just words, words which if you add transition again then they become cyclic maybe. It is a game, a play and you have to engage to learn. Sorry for the cryptic style here, but it is for a reason. It may not be clear, but be sure it is there. The purpose you may not completely understand, but you can observe it. So like sharing the influences that have played out for me, we all have our own. How we transfer the inputs and create some sense of understanding is critical because it can lead to belief.

By watching, reading and listening it is a start line of sorts that can lead to the greatest outcomes you could possibly imagine. Being a busy bee is no guarantee. It is however a very good start. A start that needs to be the base and a platform from which to spring. Well I hope it makes a little more sense now even if I have taking some time to get to my point.


Anonymous said…
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Rusty J said…
love this entry. how long have you been blogging?

i would appreciate any blogging advice you could give me. =)

could you spare a few minutes for some tips and a critique of my blog?

rusty j
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"Obviously to much time on my hands"
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Anna Fani
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