Beijing: Update 1

We are here and settled in pretty well. Firstly let me begin with this, it is hot, it is humid and to be sure there is much excitement and enthusiasm around. It is also a bit crazy, as much of our time so far has been consumed by the obvious settling in process, but ass that to the extra little things that go with the games. We all react differently but I feel that the test of the games has already begun with abilities of staying calm and composed beginning given a run. To think we have not even rowed a stroke in anger we are already in the think of it and how we response now and going forward is critical.

Let me run through a brief list of what’s been involve so far:

Day 1: Travel over to China, Get accredited, Arrive at village and feed at dinning hall.

Day 2: Travel to regatta center for first row, back to village and lunch, then to team fit out at Australian recovery center, waiting plus gym and bike session, waiting then get team uniform, more team uniform, and some more...finally back to village and late dinner in dinning hall.

Day 3: Out to course and second row then back to village, lunch and then to fitness center for ergo and bike, off to team induction, back to dinning hall.

Day 4: Dinning hall, out to course for third row, off to dragon villas(day accommodation), back to course fourth row, back to village to dinning hall, to fitness center for gym, back to dinning hall.

Day 5: In progress

Did I mention it was hot here, and also humid, well let me say it again. During training session so far it is amazing to see our physical indicates and the impact the heat and humidity is having. Heart rates have been high and the feeling of over heating is extraordinary. We have been monitoring our weight and have increase our consumption of fluid during session. I have been loosing 2kg during and hour row while at the same time consuming 2 liters in fluid. All up a loss of 4kg in just 1 hour. So you could say we a lean mean fighting machines, and then again you might not, but we are skinny and light.

Currently we are on the bus out to the course which takes 50min. Today our driver seems to be pushing it so we may be there in 45min. The travel is not great, but it is what it is. Not sure that makes and sense, could be I am loosing my mind...

Let me back it down here. We are at the games we have been through all the processing involved. Still there are a few official things that are needed, but all is all it is going pretty well. The first timers have that often overwhelmed look which comes with seeing the inside of the biggest sporting event in the world. As it stands for me I still am amazing by the size of it all. The cross section of athlete we come across quiet simply magical.

As for our mental state I think we a hungry to get into it, no we are not hungarian, or physically starved as you can see by the number of dinning hall visits, but we are champing at the bit. And no that is not chomping, as Chris has pointed out to me on a few occasions. We are like great race horses ready waiting, rearing and stamping. Eager to be released for our gates. Did I just call Duncan a horse, boy he may not be happy with that. Anyway we are on the edge and day by day we inch closer to that moment ever athlete dreams of.

Must be something in the air because I really feel like I am a bit out there today. The bus trip is bloody long so I guess it is a contrast to the recent posts I have made.

As for the emotions of this grand event I try to soak up the atmosphere as much as possible, but thought of the end are distracting. My simple reminder is to stay in the here and now. Do that as well as I can and be the best I can be every second, minute, hour and day. The great James Tomkins once said, “It’s simple really we just have to be fit, flexible and strong”. It is pretty simple I guess and yet much of the extra noise suggests there might be more to it and there might be more going on. But to simplify it is Einstein like and if that is a thread that holds true, and enable us to be our best with out get overwhelmed then it is that that I like.

So for now I say good buy, as I have gone on way to long. Toady we row again and I look forward to feeling slightly less stressed in the conditions. If not who cares, being stressed is something that can be quiet enjoyable.


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