Relief & Excitement

Have to honest there have been a few anxious moments over the last few days. It would seem that my poor old back decided it would give me some grief. Boy don't you think I had a few flashes of 2000 all over again, but deep down I felt that that experience has taught me to read the signals better and to take action. Our coach Chris O'Brien was great swinging into gear to ensure everything was organised to make sure that it became no worse.In fact many have been instrumental in assisting with the panel beating process. I am grateful to all involved and hope that as this week goes on I can repay their efforts. At the final hour I got our team physio(Ivan) to strap my back and had our boatman(Urs) to modify my seat. Easier than fixing the fin he said. Once on the water I was happily relieved that I had a reasonable movement and with each stroke from the pontoon start to feel quiet positive about the race ahead.

Heat one for us has been rowed we are through to the semi on Wed. Some great results from the team also and looking forward to day 2's racing. It is truly a roller coaster experience and with every rise there is a fall, and vice versa. The plan is to high that high later in the week at just the right time.

The support from back home has been amazing too, with many emails and texts coming through. It makes a difference knowing we are on behalf of many friends and family. Thats not to forget the support for the whole team. We are Australian and proud.

So on with the show I say and until next time stay cool because that's our plan. It was very hot out there today, but thankfully we have Mr Rice and when it comes to keeping us cool, no one does it better.

Our team has had it first day of competition and everyone is busy doing the things need to get out there and perform. It is amazing to see and understand the effort and logistic it takes to make it all work and that is just for our team. I am looking forward to tomorrow's racing and obvious for us we will be preparing for our next hit out.


carn drewie!
Anonymous said…

13 months ago i weighed 130kg, had no fitness at all, and was on the road to destruction. But due to friends family and ppl such as urself i have managed to change all that. I now weigh 90kg and am about to go to the gym to do my first 45 min ergo (without stopping). One year ago i would not have even imagined myself being able to complete a 30 min ergo but here i am pushing myself to do more (in a very tiny scale compared to what you do everyday) and enjoying it at the same time. This is one of the things i have learnt from your blogs. You are nothing short of an absolute inspiration and altho i have never met you, you have effected my life in many ways and i am sure im not the only one. You deserve all the best in the races to come. Once again thank you.
Anonymous said…
Pretty good for openers Drew!! (I'll spare you the back jokes; or you just giving the opposition a gee up!?)
Go well for the semis.
Ian & Lynne
Anonymous said…
As my late pair's partner, friend and physio, Col O'Brien said of my back problems, "pain is only nature's expression of effort and information leaving the body on its way to your mind; All you need to do is head it off,change the perception of that information or change the effort and you're not going to to do the latter are you." So, I hope you can get ahead of your pain over the next few days and complete your dream. All the very best. Michael Sparksman, Tattersall's Rowing Club, Brisbane.

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