Here we go...

This will be my last post from Australia. As I write this we are in the air flying down to Sydney to join the team and then our depart tomorrow. Much has happened over the last 8 weeks and I can say that we have done everything we could think of in preparation for the racing of our lives. I say our lives for a reason, it is because I feel we have come to this point of motivation, purpose, focus, skills and use of ability where it feels like we, are ready. It is a great feeling and although it can mean little in who things will play out over there, we have done this phase well.

Has there been fear? Certainly I know for myself that much of my drive has probably come from a fear of not wanting to be unprepared or caught out by our competitors. I mention this because I am comfortable with this fear and have used it to our advantage I think. As for any other forms of fear, no is the response I am less fearful of the pain, the fatigue, the hurt than ever before. This is strange but in a way I have begun to work it out. Not completely but I can see how things can be complete. My reminder here is to expect the unexpected and embrace the unknowns. Odd that might sound but it is like staring at a puzzle and at this stage of beginning able to see what's possible, but the time is not now. It will come and when it does courage is required to take the steps to reach the peak.

Ah what the heck, I am excited and really looking forward to giving it a crack.


Anonymous said…
And at the end of the day thats all you can do is 'give it a crack'. I presume that you are unable to make it to the opening ceromony cause of the heats the next day? Best of Luck!

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