Waiting Game

Here we wait for team processing. Duncan and Scott Brennan just
relaxing as athletes on the team get fitted out with the team uniform.
It like Chistmas in August Scotty said and once done we will see then
end of our first day here at the games.


Anonymous said…
The preparation was fearsome,
nothing could come near them,

they had nothing to prove,
yet pbs continued to improve,

it was their turn to step up to the mic,
their opponents were Syked,

They were the best,
no one second guessed,

come rain hail or pollution
the double d's know the solution

they ask the question; 'do we have any more'
the reply was simple 'For sure'.

LOL not surprisingly I have never written a poem in my life. But I am basically trying to say that you guys are OARsome!!! I hope with everything that you can perform at you very best and if you do that then no one will come near you. Good Luck! Race Hard and just enjoy beinging an Olympian.

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