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Not wanting to be self indulgent here, well actually what do you call a personal blog? True this is all self indulgent behaviour, but at least now I realise that. Anyway I am completely stuffed. Let me explain in the last three days we have pushed into new territory. And the peak of this little effort came today when we did a tank emptier in one session then backed it up with 1min pieces and then wts. My ass is hanging out you could say. I won't more though, please sir can I have some more...


Unknown said…
Hello Drew
Please say hi to Duncan from me.
Bloody hell, I checked the results of Poland without looking at the names of the athletes... That will teach me... I had a short shock when I saw the AUS men's pair some where in the middle and not in front like YOU are supposed to be. I got all worried that something is not right with you guys. Then I check the names, and it was not you two!!! Now I can rest at ease again. Good luck with you final preparation!
Anonymous said…
Hi drew
I’ve been reading through you blog recently and just wanted to say thank you for all that you've written, however self-indulgent, it has taught me a lot. I've just started rowing in the last year and have found myself addicted and with any luck will make youth cup at selection trials this week.
Thanx again, will be watching you in Beijing
Anonymous said…
Hi Drew
It's Niksa Skelin from Croatia..
I have a question for you, something about coaching.
I would prefer to ask you via email, so please mail me. My email is

Cheers, Niksa

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