Gold Coast Camp: Video


Anonymous said…
This blog is a wonderful source of inspiration + explanation of how to achieve peak performance ... thank you! It should be required reading for all who are looking to bring out new potential in themselves.

I have a quick, if minor, question about your taking of the water at the front end. What is the sensation that you are seeking at the catch in the pair?

I've mostly rowed in larger boats, where we were taught to seek a direct path of the blade to the water before and just as we began the drive sequence ("catch on the recovery" and "backsplash" were used often). As someone who is looking to move into smaller boats (eg single, pair), could you describe what the optimal blend of stroke length / minimal disturbance of the run of the boat feels like to you at the front end of the stroke?

Thanks you for the honesty & insight that you have provided over the past few years; your blog is an inspiration to more people than you could possibly know.

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