Picking up the pieces and enjoying the crumbs

It has been a very interesting period leading up to our short Queensland camp. A few highs and a few lows. The camp it self has been perfect for reminding us about what it means to train and work together. I guess when we are apart it is easy to get a little lost in other parts of our lives, but when we come back together the reminders are there. We have also now cleared the deck of work and other things that distract us. The fragments of our performance from Luzern and now true back in place. We have spent the time apart re-framing our own perceptions I feel and to come together and see clear change is positive. As for the crumbs, well our minds are set on enjoying every inch of the experience and making the most of what's possible. Today Chris and I fly back to Melbourne briefly and from the end of this week we are pretty much in full swing and will be away training and spending time with our families.


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