What do we really know anyway?

It is the usual situation, a situation we often find coming into a regatta. The basic question of what do we really know? Yesterday we did some speed work in preparation for racing and well it wasn’t very fast. It was consistent but a bit on the slow side. Compare that to what we have heard some of our other crews did and it has provided us with great conversation about our situation and how others have prepared. It’s not about positive and negative stuff but rather the question of re-evaluating where we are at with things and making sure our minds are focused on the task at hand. The task is simple really but this is that funny period of time leading in to racing. The anticipation, doubt and messages we tell ourselves about what is needed and what is happening. The race work probably has not really given us any indication of our form for a few reasons. The water during this time leading into racing is almost always lumpy and bumpy which if you nail it doesn’t matter but if you get it wrong it can slow you down a lot. The good things is we have some great crews on our team and it’s exciting to see that they have prepared well and we look forward to having a strong showing as a team. Keeping in mind that this is a step along the way, but an important one, which like any opportunity should not be wasted. This is our message to ourselves and we will remain aware of it through out our time here.

We race the heat tomorrow and there are a few crews in other events that we are greatly anticipating and looking forward to seeing. You could say that tomorrow we will know a little more than today and each day will provide learning. I do wonder if due to the competition we ever really can know anything. Just as you think you have something inevitably things change and like the conditions on the Rotsee you can have a moment of complete swirling and oscillating wind and the next it can be funnelling down towards the finish line. The other can happen also with it hitting you square in the back almost as if you have down something to piss old Mother Nature off. Generally though here it can be a place of slippery times and enjoyable rowing. For tomorrow though we will have to wait and see.


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