First week almost done...

We are nearing the end of our first week on tour and we have enjoyed some good training. Upon arrival we decided to reverse seat the pair just to mix things up a little. It has been fun and a good learning experience. It has been interesting to join the team and everyone seems in high spirits even considering the wet weather the last few days.

For us it has be surprising how we have handled the increase in volume of training and even though the water is not fast we have been setting some quick times in paddling and workloads. Certainly for me in the stroke seat it is a welcome change to have to drive the rhythm and it is noticeable the extra load on the handle. We did power strokes the other day and yes I have to admit Duncan is still stronger than I. Our heart rates have been similar though which is positive.

This morning I was quizzing Ricey our physiologist about the various speeds other crews are doing to get a guide for us. I feel pretty happy that with the seating change we have still managed to hit some quick times. Certainly looking forward to swapping back and seeing what we can do. We did an ergo last night and the great thing is we both still have the competitive urge. Be a worry if we didn’t but we both didn’t want to give an inch and as we finished the last of our 15min pieces our heart rates reached 186 bpm. Pretty blood high for rate 20, but I guess when your on fan setting 10 and rowing at max pressure all the way the heart rate is bound to get up there.

While here we have also enjoyed the food and beer. Pretty much every second night we have gone out for a feed. I think it is valuable for us to get out and relax while engaging in some great discussions. It is fuel for our relationship and is a foundation which I believe enables Chris, Duncan and I to get the best out of each other. We do some things different to others and this is one thing I think we do well. Even today as we sat having coffee it is surprising how at times the conversation creates greater understanding and brings us together.

This afternoon I am off for a long ride, which could take me anywhere. The last ride was I the rain and I loved it. Today could be similar so as long as I am warm I am happy to stay out for a fairly full session. Due to Duncan’s calf he will be doing ergo. No problems though just managing his injury. The down side is he will get ahead on the playstation portable game which means I will have to play through the night to get back ahead. We’re not half competitive you see.


Anonymous said…
I got to 184 rating 14. Cop that, Ginn.

Anonymous said…
Ginn's medalled at the olympics.

Cop that AT........
Anonymous said…
He's won two.

Bite me, Young.

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