Ready to Go, Italy

It’s the evening of our departure to Munich and as the rain falls outside I have stopped packing my bag to reflect on this preparation.

The last few days here in Italy have been quiet strange it is almost as if we have been placed in a cue waiting as the weather turned a bit ordinary and some of our training has been interrupted. I must admit when waking this morning I felt frustrated and somewhat lacked the motivation to go out and switch on to the requirements of our training. At first I became angry and then started to blame things around me for the way I felt. Why would I not feel motivated at this stage of proceedings? Well since the weather turn yesterday I had a sense of our time here is done, but obviously we could not just up and leave. What capped it off for me was a session we did on the water yesterday which I felt was right on the money and it marked the end of a phase of training were we had push our limits. The thunder rolled in and the rain fell and as we completed our session with a bit of work we almost reached our target which was at the time of setting, one that seemed quiet unrealistic. We were 3sec shy of something quiet incredible and as such I finally felt like I had had enough and as the weather really set in and with only a day to go I think Chris, Duncan and I probably felt like we had run our course here.

Interesting thing with feeling like you have got what you need out of something is that it’s a fine line between doing to much, not doing enough and doing just enough. Many things come to mind about other times and situations when this balancing act can occur. I must admit that over the years that sense or intuition of full filling, realising and obtaining the right amount of something. It happens regularly with eating food. Particularly when training volumes increase. I can feel bloated and well past that point of satisfaction, but it is needed in part to ensure I maintain my body weight. Training like food has similar sensations and it really is a challenge about how much is enough and when have you had too much.

On this trip I have had enough and feel ready to head to the Worlds. A team member who dropped into our room last night echoed this and he made a comment that really aligned with what I was feeling and thinking. Having the extra day in Italy has not been an issue we took the opportunity to adjust our training based on how we felt and what we needed.


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