Great Pizza

This is make or break time with the main part of our preparations this year. Yesterday I mentioned that not all pizzas were great in Italy. We have eaten a lot of pizza here and most has been wonderful, but not all of them have been great. Is it the fact that every corner has a pizzeria on it that with so many you have to figure one of two places might not be up to scratch. The tradition of pizza is something I am not aware of but I can imagine that the very first one would he developed into what we are enjoying today.

What does all this mean, well I have not written anything for some time and this was the idea that popped into my head.

So not all pizzas will be great, but when you are eating one that is delicious it is important to make the most of it, to immerse in it’s flavour, to appreciate it’s taste and to trust in the experience and all the sensations it brings with it. On the odd occasion when the pizza’s we have had that have not lived up to the high standards we have come to expect it is critical not to dwell on the problem but to find other ways to enjoy the meal. Usually the company of good friends can make a big difference and certainly a fine drink can enhance the experience.

Italy is a great place to eat, train and live. Having our families here has been amazing and certainly keeps things in perspective. Currently we are about to have a day and a half off which we are very much looking forward too. So now is time to recover after some fairly heavy training on and off the water. I am aware I have become somewhat grumpy around the apartment, but after some rest will feel a little more normal.

As for specifics about what we have been doing on the water, let me just say that we have great intent to challenge ourselves about how fast we can go. There has been some great testing and measuring, not to forget times of really focus on the finer skills. All up the last two weeks has been quiet a good period and like the next two weeks it is important to keep making the improvements.

So now I am off for some family time and as the kids have loved the swimming and time at the lake. It’s not all about hard; getting the balance right is still needed.


Anonymous said…
Can you get a Ham and Pineapple Pizza in Italy? Marcus
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