Recent Photo's in Italy

Duncan & I before a Bike ride. Looks like were excited the smiles were gone after about 80km

On a turn around during a session on Lake Varese

Duncan near Lake Maggorie

Out on the bike up a hill near Lake Maggorie

After falling off my bike I was pretty sore...


Anonymous said…
Just looks like a 'bad rash' to me. What have you and Dunc been up to???? :) I thought you were also a Champion BMX Rider back in the '80's. Didn't they teach you how to take a fall???? Nice Stuff!!! Nice Vista's too. Marcus
Anonymous said…
I just discovered your blog for the first time. I too want to row in the olympics; it's a feeling that consumes me. Your site is very inspiring. Thanks.

just thought I'd let you know

best of luck

-a new reader
Anonymous said…
Hi Drew. I was wondering if we could use that photo of you on our t-shirts for our up coming Mardi-Gras Parade. Please email me at Thanks David - An old reader.

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