Best gelati in the World & a perfect way to prepare

What is it about finding something that is the best in the World? It is wonderful, but often it's a short moment in time that is filled with something the could be regarded as the best.

We have a gelati shop in Gavirate that has to be close to the best in the World. Personally I have never tasted better. Even when I consider all of the gelati or ice cream I have eaten I can not find a moment when I have tasted anything that compares to what we have enjoyed here. The test was to take the family to the shop and see their reaction and I have to say the ice cream has passed with flying colours.

The great thing about finding something you think is the best is that there is a wonderful period when your right. In the moment when nothing else matters there is nothing better. When I consider how these ice cream experiences relate to our time here in Italy I think it has been the best ever. Some of our training has gone beyond my previous points of reference as to what was high quality. We have not only taste great rowing in training but we have also tested it fully. We set some very lofty targets when we arrived and it has been quiet incredible to see them realised. The obvious next phase is that we now have to trust in the work we have done and to allow the transfer to unfold naturally.

Talking about natural I have to comment on how it has been with our families here. It has been the perfect way to prepare. It has kept things in perspective. There have been times when we would have loved to have had some more rest in the day, but the balance between training, family time and rest has been achieved I think. To so just how good it has been I think a this photo says it all. Like father, like son is what comes to mind when Duncan and Luca were photographed recently when it was decided happy hour in the garden was in order with all the kids and athletes here. Duncan & Luca took the cake though with both very content to kick back together and have a well deserved drink.


you and duncan have absolutely amazing kids!
Anonymous said…
Hey Dunc......... I hope that's a 'High Carb' Beer!!! Marcus
Anonymous said…
hi there
great to see the photos of you and Duncan and reading what you get up to.
We wish you all the very best for the coming races. We will be thinking of you heaps.
Love Helen & Reg xx
Hi guys, make sure you work on the drivis angle. Very important.

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