Settling In, Munich

We have had our first row last night after a long day of travel and boat rigging. We used the time effectively though and even being stuck at the airport on arrival for an extra 1 hr and 30 min was no problem. Obviously the water here is different to the lack in Varese, but we were happily surprised that our paddling speeds were pretty similar. We actually got a good hour or more sitting in the grand stand and watched all the crews who were out training.

I love taking in the sights and sounds. It was very interesting to observe the various styles of rowing and we even managed to be able to clock times by using 4 buoys and multiplying the time by 10 to get the 500m split. It’s a bit raw but fairly accurate and so by sitting in the sands we could get a feel for various crews and various boat classes and the difference between the head and tail wind conditions.

We are staying at the holiday inn and a few other nations are there too. The bus trip down to the regatta centre is about 13km, which is pretty good. Give us some time to read, write, talk, or listen to some music.

Yesterday we commented as we walked past the back of the boat sheds how the Munich course was designed to be grandly enjoyed. Compared to Sydney which is well design but most of the things were temporary and the facilities that remain are minimal. It is an interesting way that Olympic games host have modified over the years. This Munich centre, its sheds and grand stand are large. It’s quiet amazing, but you can understand why things have changed as when we were sitting in the stands you got the feeling the they are never really used.

The time has now come when we get the chance to put out there what we have been working on all year. Obviously over the next few days the anticipation will build and like the sharpening of a blade their comes a point at which it is ready and the time comes to swing the handle and take that first crack. We don’t intent just to swing away, but to be very deliberate and conscious about how we proceed and perform.


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