Game On, Munich

We have just had our second session and it has been glorious. The rowing has been ok, but what’s been better has been getting some great water to row on. What I mean is at regattas it is often the way that the water becomes bouncy and washy with all the crews out. We like to play a game though. It’s called ‘find the good water game’ and currently we are winning. Last night was glassy with only one other crew out and today we managed to get our last two laps in with only half a dozen others, which thinned even less on our last lap. It’s about being flexible and treating it like a game. Anticipating what the crowds will do is part of it and being welling to go for times that may be perceives as not ideal is needed also.

Heading back on the bus now with the guys in the eight and there is a good feeling amongst the group about how things have begun at Munich. I must admit it is great to see our men’s eight rowing well in training. It’s a big group and when things are going well there is a great sense of excitement. Even talking with James I can see he is really enjoying it.

The team has set up out side our boat bay by our team manager Ray Ebert and Dean Oakman and the coaches and with a recovery area being taken care of by Tony Rice along with his gps devices used on all the boats I feel it is a good symbol of settling in and making ourselves comfortable. Not to comfortable though, but have a base down the course makes a difference.


Anonymous said…
who makes your GPS devices? Is it Coxmate?
Rebecca Caroe
PS have a great regatta!

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