Sink or Swim

This is somewhat embarrassing, but what the heck. Tonight while going for my first row in the single scull in over a week after having a chest infection I found myself enjoying the refreshing sensation of taking a dip in the river. With the temperature at 28 degrees it was welcome, but with the reputation the Yarra River holds I was not keen to stay in there long. The reality is I forgot to do my gate up properly and well after some 5km I found my left oar above my head. Yes it popped out of the gate and with out being in a position to rectify the situation I slowly began to roll. The boat began to twist under me as I was stuck at 3/4 slide on the way forward. The oar above my head gave it away I was shit out of luck with this one, the rigger went under water and quickly I turned my feet to get them out of my shoes. Yep quiet embarrassing and as such a rushed to get myself back in the boat and was trying to look like I hadn't been for a swim. I guess the good thing is at least I know that I didn't sink. After I was pretty relaxed though and certainly found my self taking more risk's in the single. Some times it probably isn't a bad thing to be thrown in the deep end.


mgordon said…
Great concept, sometimes we are more concerned with might be rather than what actally is! Bottom line enjoy those that are enjoying theselves.
BIG NIC said…
I fell into the Thames last week. Very embarrassed and still taking stick from everyone at my club Vesta.

Feel a little bit better to know that it happens to the very best on occassion too.
Anonymous said…


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Anonymous said…

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