Current Training

This is a short post about the current activities I am doing in training. It's pretty straight forward, rowing in the Mercantile club eight, rowing in the single scull, rowing machine, bike riding, weights, or gym that includes some weights and yoga postures. That's the physical stuff and I guess what is critical by more subtle is what I do to develop my thinking, mind, emotional and spiritual states. I have been trawling the Internet for ideas about human development and many great things are out there. Plenty of what I come across are things I have read about or experienced before. One that got me think last night is 'Attribution Theory' and when I was working at Bluearth years ago came across it then, but last night something was different. With out trying to articulate what I will share the like journey I went on...

To begin I typed in Motivation to Google and high up on the list was the wikipedia site, Motivation.
Then I went to the link in the wiki page labeled, Wikipedia, Attribution Theory.
At the end of the page an article link was there, An Essay on Attribution Theory, by Steve Booth-Butterfield.
At the end of the article was a link for the table of contents and low and behold he had his blog which had the same article, plus many more interesting things,'Healthy Influence'.

Now at this stage I was feeling somewhat over loaded, but still I had room for more. So I decided to go and Google, Attribution Theory Control Internal Effort.

So in a development sense I love the notion of internal control being a focus of effort. Then I can attribute achievement to an intrinsic attribution, rather than extrinsic which has its obvious pitfalls. Most obviously when the influencing factor from outside is taken away.

I thought this would best show how I enjoy developing and that current training includes, but is not limited to the physical, mental and emotional, which I have not really gone into, but I have two children so I have been learning to understand and control my emotions as a father and role model. Quiet funny really so much of what I remember as a child has now come full circle. I can hear my Dad say, "see I told you!"


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