Trials Update

Day 1 is drawing to a close and well I have had better out on the water. No excuses it was a challenge and a good reality check. A month ago I think I was on a good improvement curve with training but things certainly went off the rails once work ramped up and today their was no hiding the lack of conditioning. The disappointing aspect is that the early season started quiet well and unfortunately momentum was not maintained.

As for other well there was some great performances. In particular Sam Beltz from the light weight men's double. He did a fantastic job and was fastest sculler for the day. Very impressive stuff considering the strength of some of the other athletes.

Tomorrow Duncan & I are back in the pair with the other sweep rowers and I think we are both feeling more comfortable about that. Actually today we were only 1.6sec different in our times but both of us were a long way behind the best scullers. Tomorrow we get to redeem ourselves so we will focus on trusting in our rhythm and length of stroke.


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