Knocked Off

Well today when we were coming down the track in the 5km time trial in the pair I sensed that the pair behind had gained quiet a bit of margin on us. The pair behind was James and Sam, they had come up to what seemed like half the starting margin. Towards the end we did pull away somewhat but in the final result it had them beating us by almost 3 seconds over the distance.

It's always disappointing when you get knocked off and particularly margins are close and your on the wrong side of it. The seemed to have a pretty good trial and for Duncan and I we were pretty happy with our effort. I think we were a bit tentative after our poor sculling results yesterday as we probably felt a bit under done. Full credit to the other pairs and in particular James and Sam as they have shown that they are a good pair on a number of occasions.

Still we were happy with our effort and have a number of things to work on over the next two months. In the main for Duncan it is about getting some high quality and consistent training under his belt. For me I think it is about being able to clear the decks a little with work and making sure I get back into some solid work.

On another note Sam Beltz topped the results today with another great effort in the light weight single. This time he has knocked off the heavy weights by 10sec which is a very solid performance. Tomorrow we think most athlete will be going into bigger boats so for us this means either training and a 2km time trial.


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