The Real, The Essential, The Signs, The Concepts, The Creative Work & The Leading Examples which I share here have all been part of the recent processes as an athlete, facilitator, businesses partner and big kid.
What's the focus required when there is real and tangible risks to what you do?

Banksy: An over whelming feeling, request and motive. Change and improvement in life is a search and and at times comes from dispare and other times from a sense we can do better. This can relate to getting top and bottom of the performance curve too. 

Picking the best line, the fast way, the apex is essential in performance.
This is a sign of how soft I have become.

Harnessing Team Energy Model

The working document that Reg Crawford & I created for our recent presentation.

Being dragged along. This is how it feels when your mind has an idea of where it wants to go and the body is playing catch up.

Some background now...

The row I had last week gave left me with some cool blisters. Reality bites you might say. I had a very sore outside hand for days.

With my back I feel like every session requires real attention to making sure I don't hurt myself or regress to far by slipping up in some way. Full engagement and presences is essential for the risks are real, like on waves of this nature.

Work with people like Reg Crawford and the team at Energy Impact Group has been wonderful, inspiring and that sense of creativity is very cool. The concept/model of Harnessing Team Energy was born out of our relationship which began back in 2005. We have sent many hours discussing, conceptualising and formulating our ideas about performance. We have been asked recent to present and facilitate of this model. Last last two days had us do a session with the CEO institute and yesterday I was with JWS in Sydney running a session for associates.

Performance is about cutting corners when possible. Why go the long way if you can be more effective by using the best and fastest line. The most effective way. Our capacity to find the edge and push the boundaries means we can find improvements in performance with out more effort.

Change is ever present in life and I feel like I am often seeking change for improvement and learning. This means I love challenging others around me to step into the same space.

Being lead or doing the leading to me is all part of performance, life and work. I do feel currently my mind and heart are the front line and my body and back the trailing edge. The connect feels strand at times and it is being tested. Maintaining integration with be key and all though I am pulling my body in a direction and know I have to maintain a subtle control of the link. Or else...


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