Flash Back: 1996 Oarsome Foursome

Here's a weekly training plan and a planning document created and utilised some 90 days out from the Atlanta Olympics.


Ash said…
Hi Drew,
I didn't know how to e-mail you or any other means that I could use to ask you a question so I figured I would just comment on your latest entry...hope that's ok :) Anyways, I'm a junior rower who plans on making the national team in the next couple of years but before I can continue training towards my goals I need to address a back injury I had from my days as a gymnast. So far after x-rays, MRI's and etc. my doctor decided to set up a rehabilitation program using ESI's to break the degenerative cycle I'm on. I was just wondering if you had any experience with ESI's and if so if you'd be willing to share. Thanks so much & keep being extra oarsome!

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