Training Update: This mornings ride and recent activities

Thought I would run the app on the phone to track the ride this morning.

Add to this I have been trying to get on the rowing machine ever second day. A real positive last night was jumping on and doing 2 x 15min. First one was out of the box I guess as within 3 min I decided that I would tick it over around 24 strokes per minute. This had me sitting on 1.44 - 1.43 splits and gradually I become more comfortable. With 7min 30sec complete I started to get in the swing of things and the 24 went to 25/26 with splits more around 1.40-41 per 500m. With 5min to go I started to feel even more comfortable in a way as I got the drive right and rate dropped to 24 again but then the scores stay 1.40 and I started to see 1.38-39's. By this stage heart rate was around 160-164 and with the last 3min I was able to keep the drive and a few times 1.36 appeared and was sustained for 15-30sec each time which was great.  HR finished around 168 which was ok considering where I am at. The final 10min was av. 1.39 so I am starting to see gains on the machine. The second effort I kept a lid on and sat on 1.47/48 with HR between 150-160. This is a big step the scores are not great but improving, but the key for me was being able feel like I could sit there and work away with out any issues in my back. What I am focusing on when on the ergo though is to feel like I am rowing stroke side. Strange I know but after some recent video work I could see my spinal shape and body/should positions looking almost as if I was rowing bow side on the machine. The slight emphasis probably isn't noticeable visually but feels like I am positioning myself very deliberately. It actually has been making a great difference to my back which is a nice little win.

As for the work on the bike I have been happy to do session on the rollers and doing efforts of 15-20min at a time with HR 150-170. Playing around with a big gear has been great for improving my strength.

The other activity added to most days is the use of suspension training straps which I use at night and do a range of movements including arm pulls. Add to this vibration training which is stretching on the vibration platform here at home and my session at the VIS gym with Harry when I can get in there and I feel like I am making gains.

Last week I rowed club eight for the first time and although my back felt vulnerable I got through the session of 16km and 3 x 8min efforts of 4/2/2min @ 24/26/28 spm.

This morning as I sit here eat breakfast I feel reasonable positive with where things are at. This comes at a time when international athletes are in the final stages of preparations for the Worlds in New Zealand. I will be watching with great interest and although I am way off that level I am starting to visualise being back at that level which is a great sign.


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