Training Update: 3 fwd, 2 bck

Here it is...

A few numbers

4-5 bike sessions per week
2-3 land sessions per week
1-2 rowing ergo session per week
I have tried to get physio & massage but being busy has its cost
I am currently using a vibration machine with many sessions

**keen to give an altitude tent or mask a go for 4 - 6 weeks

$This week will do 2 lab tests
1. rowing ergo
2. bike

why? to see where I am at...

#Well I have a sense I am 50/50 at this stage
Did a session last night on the rowing machine and vibration machine which was very positive.
5 Vibe
10min Ergo - Fan setting 10 @ 1.46 splits at HR av 145 rating 20
5 Vibe
10min Ergo - Fan 10 @ 1.47 splits at HR av 148 rating 18 with last 5min building up to 25 spm with splits 1.36 and HR 172
5 Vibe

So I was happy with the above as it is the first time I have been able to handle load on the ergo with my back and still manage ok scores with heart rate in the right zone.

In terms of level I will see tomorrow and Fri but my estimates are at 70% output with my back about half way there. If things keep improving then it's game on. Fingers crossed and I will now start to update more regularly.

Another thing, who else does a training session at 10pm at night?
The session about I got excited to do after return from Geelong from the Alcoa Unitedway Corporate Regatta launch. Just felt like the right thing at the time and I loved it. Problem was I could get to sleep then until past midnight.

Here's to progress.


Gavin said…
whats the idea behind the vibration machine.
Anonymous said…
I go running at night time (10 to 11pm) due to busy uni schedule. Makes me sleep like a baby aswell.
Online RSA said…
Sounds like a tough routine, hope you can keep it up ;)
Unknown said…
Some of the research on vibration training indicates some positive adaptation for muscle activation. I see it as good for my back and assisting with stretching activities.

As for the late night training if it feels right I say do it.

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