Athleticism in pure form....

After a week when I have done some testing I though it worth noting how amazing many people are.

This is a cool example of how fantastic many cultures are who live and breath movement and challenges.

Here's to the Camel Jumping Yemen. Pure Athleticism.

Reminds me of a guy in 1996 when we were in Atlanta. While staying at the College out near the course we would go a play in the basketball court. A few of the guys, Nick, James and myself were loving how we felt as we freshened up before racing. We were jumping higher than ever before and like little kids. Being able to slam dunk like we were 7ft tall was a cool feeling. The one day a few of the students were playing and we joined in messing around seeing how far out we could dunk from. Then this one guy stepped in and got three of us all 6'5" plus to stand between him and the hoop. He came bounding in and launched over us by doing the splits and stuffed the ball in the hoop. That was seriously impressive and to see the above clip reminded me of just how amazing some people are with movement and certain challenges which get set up.


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