Training Update: Week on again and off again

Ok here goes...

I have a bit of an update which includes lab testing, ride data, video

Video from State team training this week.

Here is the garmin cycling data from this mornings ride.

Earlier this week I have had a couple of rows in the Victorian State eight. Great fun being back in a big boat like the eight and really cool to have some focus for on water activity.

Add to this some TT work on the bike this week out at Ballarat. Video here...

TT Training from drew ginn on Vimeo.

Plus here was the recent lab test on the bike. I have more lab testing data from the rowing tests done last week but waiting on the digital file to come through.

Not all has been smooth sailing... Sore back on Thur morning meant I pulled out of the third row, but by the afternoon and today my back is feeling better.

Currently it feels like I am beginning to handle most of the work I am doing.


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