Tired Legs

Got to love the sensation of jumping out of bed with tired legs. Did a solid day yesterday after three days straight of ergo's with fan setting 10 for load and a good ride yesterday morning with friends was topped off with a 20min on the wattbike. After the first three minutes on 300w I then sat on 430-470 for the rest and again with load like the ergo so cadence was 70. The load on the ergo and bike is my preferred way of building capacity. I figure there is plenty of time to move fast but with out the ability to drive either the hips or legs then the long term movement will be compromised. The ergo session are simple fan setting 10 with rate 20 and splits about 1.43-1.48 range for 3 x 10min.

The tired legs are a good sign and one that needs a response as it gets easy to over do it. Hence the reason why I have taken the morning off. Ahhhh rest love a good rest. So thing are going well and working though how I manage my time better to ensure I can keep everything firing.


Gavin said…
I've just done 30 mins continuous with the fan at 10 avg 1.47.2. I think I prefer it at the usual drag of 135.

I hate winter here in the UK my nose is streaming again.

Having a go on a watt bike tonight for the first time so will be interested to see how I go.
Unknown said…
Hi Gavin,

I used the higher drag a lot of the three years building up to Beijing and found real benefit. I have started doing it again now and finding benefit comes from learning how to fill out the stroke under load. Try short efforts and increase the output. More like 2/5/10min efforts with more like max pressure and splits from 1.36/1.40/1.44 for the various durations. But yes the normal drag should feel better as that what we are mainly used too. Have you now got plans for another crack at the 2000m??
Gavin said…
I'm going to do another test at home a week on Monday 20 Dec and aim for the PB i was on target for before the British and then there is the European Champs in Paris on the 22nd Jan.

Will try the shorter pieces, I'd had planned a 30 min piece that day and thought why not do it fan up. am feeling quite good at the moment.

On another note I had a go on the Watt Bike on Weds night, I did a PeaK Power Output of 1835 watts, I'm sure with a bit of practice I could do 2000 at least.

When you do your 20 min sessions on the Watt Bike what fan resistance and cadence do you have it set at.

Was well impressed with your 6K session the other day. Looking at that time you can't bee too far off your 2K best time right now.

As we have discussed before for me it is the endurance component where I have most room for improvement.

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