Next Stage: Innovations

This will be brief. Early last week I was at a product launch for our bike store. The new Malvern Star road bike was presented. The designer is an old rower who has his own business, Luescher Teknik. Raoul Luescher is a former lightweight rower who is one of those rare people who just see's and explore new ways of doing, designing and breaking through assumptions. Well back in January when I meet Raoul properly. I say properly because I knew of him when he finished rowing and I was just starting out. He has done some amazing things and the recent conversations with him are like engaging with a high octane, constantly oscilating, little skinny guy who just has a great capacity to understand and an obvious capacity to persist and follow, dig and unearth things. This may or may not to him justice, but he has designed these new frames and is working with one of our guys, Nick Mitchell who races bikes and previously rowed. Mitch broke his ankle in Belgium going 60km/h and has been back here rehabilitating while slowing building back to his best. The training device Raoul has him using is very cool.

Check out his site:

Where training, equipment and creative exploration can take performance in cycling and rowing is of interest. I also love the approach to exploring any work place situations and human development. Don't settle for the norm and certainly don't be held back by assumption and old ways of thinking and doing, is what keeps coming to mind for me.


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