point of difference

After watching a few of the races from the recent World Cups and currently the Tour de France. It is interesting to consider performances and athletes in relation to how has a point of difference. The graphic above caught my attention a while back and I love how it represents branding but it could as easily relate to athlete development and performance creation.

The recent races in rowing and cycling sparked many memories within me and as I reflected I found I kept coming back to this graphic. Those who thrive under pressure have a point of difference. Something unique, it intangible I guess but we can see it so clearly when compared to others around them seem to be struggling, grappling, and straining to hang in there verses those who appear to have found, or understand more, or simply have strategies, resources and the will to be different.

Development involves refining to some degree, but when it goes to far the question need to be asked, 'What is left?'

Just some thoughts, random really, but I love the image I believe the best performers and performances have something extra, a point of difference.


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