First Track Session

Well I have been active and I guess doing what is working for me currently. I can ride my bike so I am using it to ensure I get as fit and healthy as I can.

Here are a few images of a recent track session.

Raoul Luescher is the man behind the new design of the Malvern Star Oppy, and he and I have spoken a lot lately about many things relating to rowing and cycling. We discussed getting out on the track to do some aero testing.

Add to this some lab testing and you could say I am having loads of fun exploring cycling. All in up if nothing else having a few challenges has been a healthy way to over come injury and surgery. It is over a year since Beijing and although it has been a difficult road back to being able to enjoy pushing myself and exploring how to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.


Matteo Sindona said…
Hi Drew, what are your plans for the future? 2011 WC and 2012 olympics? Thanks and good luck!
French Connection said…
Well done with your win in the annual Footscray vs Geelong Cycling Challenge on the road over the weekend, yes news travels fast!!!...Bradley Wiggins UK you are now on notice for the 2012 Olympic 4000M IP Title. Best regards with your journey of fun and success....Andre Gicquel's daughter and "Reggie" in France enroute to Poznan
Anonymous said…
Hi Drewie,
Your BMX bandit days have not gone unnoticed!
Good luck and keep up the blog.
Jack Woofer & The Poo Brown Volvo Crew
Matteo Sindona said…
Hi, please someone could tell me why Drew didn't go to 2009 rowing WC? Because of the injury? And which are his plans for the future? Thanks.

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