In the Lab on the Malvern Star

This is my way of saying thanks to the Malvern Star team who have help me recently with supporting this venture into cycling.

Check out the link with some extra photos of training in the VIS lab.

Malvern Star NEWS...

Recent session have been a real challenge. Some of the images of the outdoor track and the VIS lab show just brief moments during these session.

First the track was a tough session it was meant to be 3 x 30min at Threshold. After the second one Jono let me off the hook. It was windy and hot. The first 30 was at only 380w and I suffered in the last 10min of it. It was below the target and between position and the strong gusting wind which made every lap tough as I would spin down the tail wind side and be hit by the wind the bike would shake from side to side until I was directly back into it. The speed would drop almost 8km/h with power surging 100w back up to 450-500w. My heart rate was screaming and never really come down. Sitting at 175+ for the effort meant I was straining to breath. The heat the position and the effort was telling. The second effort showed signs I was tired right from the start but I did find some rhythm which made it bearable.

The other images from the VIS lab where just one of the many session over the last three weeks. Raoul's kinetic trainer is great, but I feel I need something to work against load wise. Obviously long term I need to be able to learn to be more effective with my peddling, but at this stage stomping away on the pedal's feels more natural. So Jono was getting me in the TT position and challenging me to hold cadences of 110+ which I was struggling with. The lab I quiet like at it is controlled, measured and very specific. The session usually don't run any longer than 90min total but are broken up with the interval/efforts we use. The other thing with the lab is Jono is right there and he can get me to try certain things which is great for learning and embedding my understanding.


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