Warny Bike Race: A few photo's

Sprinting is certainly not my strength

After race with my son Jasper

After race with my family


Unknown said…
Great picture of the family. What an adventure your cycling. Can't wait for the time trials. Spoke to my former coach he told me how light you are! Did you diet or did the weight come off because the training is different? Xeno
Anonymous said…
I'm also interested in Xeno's comment. Was it the different training? How long did it take to lose the weight? I need to lose about 30 pounds..any suggestions?
Unknown said…
I am affraid, I know the answer.... When I was in full training, I was always the one who had to watch my diet because no matter how many miles I rowed I could still gain weight. On the other hand, there are endurance athletes who have to be careful about losing too much weight... This could be the case between "us" and Drew.
Unknown said…
Hi Xeno,

It was always difficult for me to keep weight on during rowing. I would work hard to get up to 90kg during the season but by the time we did our final prep before a major event I would gradually slide back to 84-86kg. With the riding I haven't focused on loosing weight but with the long energy draining rides I come in around 80kg and I eat and drink during these sessions. From Christmas weight of 93-94kg I came down to 86 with in three months, then by July I was 83kg. Over the last month I have settle about 81kg.

So long durations, plus my physiology and some intense session seems to strip the weight back. I have an example of a friend who started to ride to work each day and dropped 20kg over 12 months. He is doing an hour of commuting each day with an 2 hr ride on the weekends now. Even when Duncan I used bike training up to volumes of 450-600km a week on top of our rowing training it was amazing to see how he became so lean. He ended up at 97kg and 35mm for 7 skin fold sites. This was extraordinary and at this leave he was big and very athletic. I know others how have to watch what they eat with and with out training so they don't increase weight. So Xeno your right on I have always been the other way around watching what I eat so I don't get to light. Funny thing is in cycling it's a good thing to be lighter. Hope your well Xeno.

Anonymous I suggest two things daily activity that is about an hour of 70-80% max heart rate. Plus some activity which requires you to move faster and more dynamically. I have always felt that when we come into racing we train speed of movement and as such I always felt and saw team mates around me become leaner during this phase.

All the best with it.
Unknown said…
great to hear from you.
Bloody heck, I am a truck compared to you a sort of Lotus race car. I am roughly 268 pounds at this point. I mustered 240 then I am pretty lean as a master. My race weight was 220 pounds, 100kg. Lange was lighter and taller and so was Waddell and Porter. Amazing the size difference between you and Duncan and your ability to move the boat.

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