Eureka Climb

This is a photo from the Eureka Tower Climb I did with my daughter on the weekend. It was in support for Michael Klim's celebrity challenge.

It was 1958 stairs with 89 floors and all up 300m to the top.

Well I thought it would be great for Kyra and I to do the challenge together. It was great and also made the challenge even more difficult.

We got to about level 27 when as I realised just how hard it was on her with her breathing echoing in the stair well. It was hot and as I bent down to help tie her right shoe I suggested I could carry her if she wanted. She's a smart kid, why walk/run when you can get a lift.

Kyra climbed up on my back and off we went. I can tell you after the next 10 levels I started to think what have I done here. My little coach was giving me praise and creating rhymes for every level. With some 30kg's on my back and my daughter saying things like..."75 your alive, 76 heavy like bricks, 77 climb to heaven, 78 shut the gate, 79 your doing fine, 80 what rhymes with that? I would get a moment of silence then, Go dad you can do it."

We kept it alive with me trying to stride two steps at a time then the feeling of my calves burning and then I would drop back to single steps. The heat was amazing with Kyra telling me I was sweating a lot and making her sticky. I kept my sense of humor and told her to help me by thinking lite thoughts. This confused her as she thought I meant light thoughts. "What do you mean?" She said. I explained I wanted her to imagine being lite as a feather and help me make it to the top. She was great at getting the 27 and as a coach she has a future I am sure. I think next time I might rethink a challenge like this before I just rock up and don't consider what might happen when my climbing partner runs of of legs.

It was a great experience though and one I recommend to others in the future. I also look forward to more activities like these with my kids as the grow up.


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