Getting the message right

Today I am preparing for a workshop I will be delivering to Australian Sport Commission Coaches and Officials for their Directors Workshop. It's an opportunity as an athlete / consultant to be able to pass on a message about the athlete experience. In particular in relation to the connection between athletes, coaches and official's. Actually I will take it a step further towards to the connection between all parts of a performance. From where I stand I see there's lots of information about performance and not all of it leads to the best outcomes. This is true for working with people involved in the process both as direct supporters engaged in creating the performance like athletes, coaches and support staff. Some connection enable the best outcomes and other are not so positive particularly below the surface. As for other connections I believe for an athlete to thrive they need to be open with self and others. It is this openness which creates flow, engagement and best practice. Did I say best practice? Yes best personal practice not the so called Worlds best Practice. The later is about what others do, the former is what I think of as self generating, leading, optimising form of practice which is personal and means a great deal to me/you and the key people around the performance. As for being open it is critical to be open to all those people who want and work towards enabling the best performances. Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Support Staff, Family and Friends plus spectators all need to be about connecting the best of what can be created. The best performances, the best events, the best spectacle, the best experience we can all enjoy. The message on this occasion is simple all of us working to create the best experience from what ever and who's ever perspective. Winning then is not just about a result but about alignment, connection, engagement, satisfaction and personal best's fr all involved.


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