Back Home & Feeling Humble

This has been a weird thing to experience I have done quiet a few interviews in the last two days since the time trial and the emphasis being placed on the Oceania Champs by the media makes me feel uncomfortable. Reason being that the number of competitors and the simple fact that two guys went faster than me in the U23 category. It was great to get the first step under my belt but how significant it is something I am wary of, particularly in regards to a predictor of future performances.

Being back home is the best part though. Even having three days away has made me look forward to getting back with my wife and kids. In the coming days I intend writing a fair bit about the cycling experience to date. In fact I wrote heaps on the plane but unfortunately I forgot to save the document and my computer froze last night. So I will say now it was some great work, but no-one will ever really know. In the meantime this cycling project is continuing to take shape. What the end result, outcome or experience will be is less important to me at this stage. What I am interested in is the process, people, planning, exploration and ideas of how we can get the best out of what we are doing. I say we as it is critical I mention the keys people who have had a great impact on this. Raoul Luescher, Jono Hall, Scott McGrory & Marty Aitkin, have been my main points of contact during the last three months from a training, coaching, logistics and guidance perspective. The team with Malvern Star, Brian, Steve & Mauricio. I have to mention the guys at my store in particular Leon, Mitch, Justin and Longy as they have all worked on the bikes at different stages.

Today I relax, for tomorrow and beyond the really challenge begins. If I am going to compete at the Australian Championship I will have to make huge improvements and it will require a great deal of attention, focus, effort and energy. It will become an important day for if I can perform with many of the best in Australia this little project is effectively dead in the water. I have proved nothing yet, I have show no real potential, and I am fully aware that any new person coming into a new World of competition has to be prepared for some big reality checks.

How I respond to the training and obvious tests to come will show much more than anything I have done to this point in my short time as a cyclist.


Hi Drew

Heard your interview on New Zealand Radio Sport this afternoon. I would like to wish you all the very best in your pursuits as a cyclist. Judging by your past experiences, I am certain you will be as successful with this, as you have been with your rowing and as a parent.

Kind regards

WW said…
Congratulations Drew! The fact that some U23 got a better time means nothing. You weren't racing against them. Don't let that dilute your success.

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