The Time Has Come

Waiting at the airport to depart for New Zealand. It seems like this
has all come around very quickly. That is why in preparation for
performance it is critical to get on to things early. The time
disappears when the intensity and focus becomes consuming. I am
looking forward to giving this Time Trial thing a run. See what I can
find and transfer the training and testing into a result.


Unknown said…
Make it a clean run. When it is safe to push hard go for it. In the turns stay on the bike, and you will do great.
Gavin said…
Have a good one. I'm sure you'll do well.

You're a Winner!
Anonymous said…
go MAD!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Drew on your Oceania Championship TT win in NZ!!!!.....rower to road warrior...what does this mean for London 2012?

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