Connection: Significance & Help

This is worth understanding as I love seeing people realise what is possible through exposure the great people. To be included in this list is a nice reflection of the longer term effort and energy we can provide as a support and challenge for others. Nick Mitchell has done some great things and will continue to improve, change, explore and expand as he lives his dream.

Here is a link to a post he made on the Born 2 Ride blog and for me it shows how important it is that we all make connections that create meaning, understanding and learning.

We are all on our own journeys and I know to well how focused and narrow the mind set can become at times. It has always been a reminder for me to stay connected to those around who have significant impact and influence. Staying connected is not a quantity be it time or number of times together, rather it's quality of the engagement, the depth and the intensity of exposure. This is a different type of connecting and one which comes to life in the way Mitch has expressed himself about a few of the people who he has engaged with.

From a personal view I am not proud of this because he has mentioned me, but because the principle of the way he is living now is full engagement and he is access some amazing people. Mark McGrath has been a friend for many years and work closely with James and I through Athens. I also work with Mark at Bluearth and he has left a long last impression on me. Raoul Luescher I have written about recently and can say enough about the work he is doing in cycling and other activities. Tim I have heard about but am yet to meet but it s funny how small the World is the Mark, Tim, Raoul and Mitch have been connected. Significant people, significant energy and significant insight has an attraction and being able engage with people like these has been a big reason why I have enjoyed success and one reason why I can see someone like Mitch experiencing his journey with success.


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