It's a bit windy in here: Update

Here is an article from today I figure it's as good an update as any.

Bike the tonic for Ginn after bad injury

This was am amazing experience yesterday. Raoul Luescher had the access to the tunnel and was testing athletes during the week. It's not a cheap activity but one that is worth it for the gains that can be made. It was like a circus with Raoul, VIS staff and a couple of photographers. One for the article above by Rupert Guiness and the other Ben Wolstencroft who was getting shots for an article doing a review on tunnel testing.

Why do this when I have been a rower?

Well it is simple I love learning and have a huge curiosity around performance not just in rowing. Obviously I have put it out there with a few key people by asking question relating to what would it take for me to be serious about cycling. A few simple reason's include I have no idea how my back would respond or hold up to training in rowing. I am still extremely motivated or I should say the motivation has returned with such force since recovering from surgery. It is like I have this energy to explore, push and transform that is amazingly intense. At this stage I have been able to ride my bike. Doing a number of tests have shown positive numbers in the lab. Questions about my size and drag where being asked and I am one who loves to see what's possible. If nothing else I feel energised learning more about cycling and feel that their is no harm in trying. As long as my family and work don't suffer as a cost to training and the mental and emotional focus that is required to perform in anything to the highest level.

One thing is for sure I can see many new things that help both cycling and rowing. I believe there comes a time when cross integration is the only way forward. If it is that I end up cycling that's cool, but if I go back to rowing I will do so with a whole new perspective. It is fuel and insight that can only add to any future opportunities.

It could all end up being just hot air ad then it could turn out to be a unique experience which I must say it didn't think I would be having 12 months ago. Maybe that's it... When your physical ability to do even the simple things in life is taken away it stimulates an appreciation for being able to make the most of anything. Maybe that's it, this is my anything. My something, a something that involves so much more than personal ambition. Already it has been amazing to connect to some many people through the process of seeing what might be possible. It's intriguing to all of us I think to see if a 6ft 5inch athlete can be shoe horned into a time trial or pursuit position.

At this stage the numbers are good from what I have been told. The proof will be in the deliver or ability to turn numbers and data into a real life performances. The experts are guiding the process, and I figure I can put my head down and train with the energy and excitement of a little kid at Christmas. If this produce a performance that makes it worthwhile for all involved than that would be very satisfying.

Here's to living the Dream...


Unknown said…
Great update!
As long as family is happy then you will have a great time no matter where it takes you.

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