Time Trial Training: Rhythm

This is a short video of last weeks session on the TT bike.

It involved 4 x 20min at Lactate Threshold which is about 400 watts. It's tough being in the position on the bike and yet the rhythmical feeling is something that is very cool to experience. It's like a pulsing oscillation balancing between awkward and graceful. I can appreciate that at this stage I am more the awkward end of the scale. But even at this stage I have moments when it feels really nice, just slipping through the air. The other balance going on is driving and pushing vs dynamic spinning. It's another one I am at the rougher end of the scale with also, but learning.

I actually feel a fair bit like Happy Gilmore when he is learning to play golf. Producing power like Happy being able to drive the ball long doesn't seem to be an issue. Being efficient and sustainable is required to play great golf and to ride well. Hear me I sound like I know what I am talking about. I have some great people around me assisting with this little project and the message is coming through loud and fast.

Getting into rhythm is so similar to rowing. I guess pacing in both sports is critical and the TT position challenges this initially, but as I am getting used to it I feel like I am getting stronger. It is almost meditative which is something I have experienced on the water when the effort, the rhythm of the movement and the sensations internal and external come to life so vividly. Blocking it out can be stressful, so going with all the sensations, information and that feeling of flow is amazing.

I am very much the learner on the TT bike but really enjoying the sessions and with the guidance of one of the VIS coaches Jono Hall I feel I am making some good progress. This is the video from last week and each session we are making adjustments and refining things to enable me to perform. Also adding in new bits of equipment. Yesterday we tried slightly different bar and tri spoke wheel.

Next week I will have ago on a rear disc and use the aero helmet. Everything is measured and on a session like this one video really helps me get an idea of what, Jono and Raoul Leuscher are talking about with many of the changes and adjustments. Why are we doing all this? Well the rough plan at this stage is to go to Oceania Champs in New Zealand early next month and compete in the Time Trial. From there we will create a number of opportunities to do TT and some pursuit work on the track. All great stuff and so we will see what is possible with a few key events.


wade said…
400watts LT! That's awesome. And 4x20 mins of that has gotta be painful! You seem to be enjoying it though and that'll make you and excellent TT'ist. I think you'll go very well at the Ocenaias
Philthy said…
Drew, Like Britain's Rebecca Romero you might like to get down to the track and have a go at pursuiting. - Jane Robinson just picked up a World Masters Bronze after only about 18 months of getting onto a track bike for the first time. Meg Marsh (ex sculler from Yarra Yarra (I think) got the Gold at the Masters Worlds in Sydney.) great cross over from Rowing to Cycling. Passes on in the genes too - Rhys Gillett (Simon's son) goes pretty quick.
Go Fast - Good luck.
PS Great result in the Warny!
Wilf said…
Hey Drew,
great Blog mate. It is fascinating to hear about things from your perpective. Having been at the top of your game for so long, it is interesting to hear about your experiences almost starting again.Looking forward to sharing your learning! Best of luck with NZ - I am sure you will have a lot of fun and do very well! Keep up the good work on the blog Cheers
Unknown said…
Hey Drew,

Pickup up on your new endeavours via Wade. Good luck. I think what you're attempting is fantastic and fascinating. The track work will definitely help your smoothness and sense of fluidity.

Good luck in NZ.

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